Malai K. Perkins
LMBT 2209
Professional Massage Therapist

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Thai Deep Tissue Massage

Use of various massage techniques that tends to be more forceful and deep pressure directed to the deeper layers of musculature. Deep Tissue massage is not for the person seeking a “soft” massage. Deep tissue indicates exactly what its name reports, massage techniques utilized to get deeper into the muscle, breaking up muscle tension, trigger points and toxicity. Deep tissue massages may feel uncomfortable during the procedure, but help and relax the body shortly following the massage.

The focus is on releasing patterns of muscle tension and on achieving maximum physical relief from taunt, tight and sore muscles, due to physical stress and activity. This massage is ideal for enhancing performance or speeding up muscle recovery after exertion.

Half Hour – $55
One Hour – $90
One Half Hour – $130
Two Hours – $180

*Buy 6 Massages and get 1 FREE!
**We will also walk on your back or other stretching if requested.

*Add Hot Stone – $10.00
* Add Aromatherapy – $10.00

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