Malai K. Perkins
LMBT 2209
Professional Massage Therapist

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Hot Stone Massage

The simplest tools get transformed into the hands of the therapists which can enhance a massage technique that uses the warm heat of such stones to stimulate the tissue and unlock the tension deep within the muscle. This technique and utilization of warm stones helps to relieve stress, helps to achieve a state of wellness and total relaxation of the body.

Heated stones have been used for centuries to relax deep tissues and to allow muscles to relax. Using hot stones, the stone are placed to relax the muscles and the taut and tender muscle fibers. The stones will help to relax your body in addition to soft or deep tissue massage. Hot Stone Massage helps the circulation, stimulates healing ions and helps to restore the body’s normal structures.

Try hot stone massage today.

Half Hour – $55
One Hour – $110
One Half Hour – $150

* Add Aromatherapy – $10.00

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