Malai K. Perkins
LMBT 2209
Professional Massage Therapist

Massage Video

View a video demonstration on our select massage services.


Soft Tissue Massage

For the very sensitive of heart, a soft tissue massage is performed with a lighter touch for pain sensitive clients. Some clients are very pain sensitive and lighter massage techniques that focus on the surface tissue relaxation are available. Soft massage techniques taht do not include deep penetrating muscle relaxation but for the use of a soft, relaxing touch can be just as effective for relaxation.

After a stressful day, relaxing one’s body with a soft tissue rub, listening to gentle soft music can relax one’s mind and refresh one’s body. Inquire about our softer techniques if you don not like a deep massage.

Half Hour – $35
One Hour – $60
One Half Hour – $90
Two Hour – $120

*Add Hot Stone – $10.00
* Add Aromatherapy – $10.00

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