Malai K. Perkins
LMBT 2209
Professional Massage Therapist

Massage Video

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Swedish Massage

Long gliding strokes on the superficial layers of the muscles, this has a profoundly relaxing effect on the body, lowering the stress levels, reducing muscle spasm and tension, easing soreness and inducing a blissful state of response.

Swedish massage has been preformed for many years, it is the fine art of peacefully restoring the body to a relaxing state, reducing muscle stress and tension, not as deep as a deep tissue massage, but enjoyment comes from the tender touch of massaging the muscles.

Half Hour – $40
One Hour – $70
One Half Hour – $100
Two Hours – $140

*Buy 5 One Hour Massages and get 1 FREE!
*Add Hot Stone – $10.00
* Add Aromatherapy – $10.00

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